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Established and registered in 2011, we support Japanese artists who are willing to spread their activities globally. For those who have gained acclaim within Japan but missed international opportunities, we are happy to assist by bridging the gap and developing relationships between. We also support non-Japanese artists who wish to show their works in Japan.



We have a main office in Tokyo Japan and curators based in NY and Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Work with us



Currently we look for curators who has a strong net work in the  NY art scene who provides advisory services (CV and portfolio review, submission support etc) to Japanese contemporary artists. Please contact us if you are interested.  

Supporting exhibitions (in/outside Japan)
We have connections with galleries in and
outside Japan and provide comprehensive
exhibition support in NYC and LA, USA and
Tokyo, Japan. We organize annual group
shows and participate in various art fairs
and art trade shows.



Complementary services

We provide translation services (English – Japanese) for artists, write and send out press release, create multilingual websites which are necessary for a successful exhibition.


Artist management

For a long term support, we provide CV and portfolio review, submission support, and advisory support for artist statements.


For Artists

Japanese artists who wish to exhibit in the US

Please visit our Japanese website. Click here!


Artists who wish to exhibit in Tokyo

We participate annually in Shinsengumi festival, a local samurai event in May, as well as Ultra show, an art fair in December taking place in Tokyo. Apart from that, we have connections with many galleries in Tokyo which can rent from a day to weeks. If you are interested in participating in the show or organizing your own show, please contact us


Upcoming shows


Los Angeles (both at Hive Gallery)

 Dec 2016 – group show

 monthly booth exhibitions


 Nov 2016 – Kroud at Jadite Galleries

 July 2017 – group show at Parasol Project



 Dec 2016, Ultra show, Omotesando spiral

 May 2017, Shinsengumi festival (planned)


 Also please see our tumblr site, “curator’s picks"

Contact us




Address: 2-5-1, Tamadaira, Hino-shi, Tokyo, 191-0062, Japan


Email: contact@artrates.net



Telephone: +81-(0)3-4405-7176